10 tips for a conscious holiday experience

1. Plan your holiday consciously

A conscious holiday experience starts even before you set off. Look a little closer and find sustainable accommodation with a clear statement. Familiarise yourself with the region - culture, history and proper behaviour in nature. Pack your suitcase carefully - don't take unnecessary ballast with you on holiday. A lot of sports equipment can be rented locally. Don't forget your own refillable water bottle. Choose a climate-friendly way to travel - and off you go.

2. Dive deeper and stay longer

Decelerate your holiday and stay longer. Leave enough time for everything and don't rush, otherwise you'll miss out on so many beautiful things. Leave the hustle and bustle behind and take the time you really need for yourself. Even out of high season, we are very charming and there's lots to discover - you have space for yourself and you can unwind fully amid nature.

3. Drink tap water

Here with us you get fresh alpine spring water from the tap. So do away with disposable bottles and fill up your own bottles with clean water. It's delicious and refreshing - and if you use your own bottle, you'll be helping to reduce your ecological footprint.

4. Treat nature with respect

We share our beautiful natural landscape with animals and plants. Respect this habitat and treat it with care. Do not stray from the path, but stay on the marked hiking and mountain bike trails and keep dogs on a leash. Pay attention to the quiet zones and times; the fauna and flora also need a place to rest and retreat. Help preserve protected plant species by not picking them. Picking a bouquet of wildflowers with frequently occurring plants is allowed. But always remember that bees, insects and wildlife also feed on the plants. So don't take too many, a small bouquet is also beautiful - hand bouquet rule.

When picking mushrooms, also pay attention to the legally permitted quantity. Be sure to leave the root system so that the stock can recover quickly. Please also remember that alpine pastures are not a playground. There are a few rules to be observed. You can find all the information you need at "Safe mountain pastures"

5. Avoid litter and keep nature clean

Be a role model, because you are only visiting the habitat of animals and plants. Therefore, avoid litter and clean-up in nature - if you find litter during your activity, please pick it up and dispose of it properly. Together we'll keep our valley tidy.

6. Be enviromentally conscious in your accommodation too

Do you use your towels more than once? If so, you save a lot of resources. Biodegradable products are not only good for you, but also for the environment. Make sure to use the heating, air conditioning and other electronic devices sparingly. Help yourself at the buffet with a sense of proportion, because every food item in the bin is one too many.

7. Rescpect and get to know the local population

Those of you who have already visited Wagrain-Kleinarl know about the warmth of the people here. Everyone is happy about your visit, every smile and every friendly greeting is only too gladly returned. Their living space is the most important thing to them, so respect boundaries. Also understand that many areas are used for agriculture, for this reason do not enter them.

8. Discover local food and crafts

There is a lot to discover in our region. Taste the regional delicacies and get to know the local arts and crafts. There is usually a wonderful story behind every regional product. Whether on holiday or at home - make a conscious decision in favour of regionality.

9. Use public transport

Take a break from your car and use public transport. With the ski bus in winter and wanderbus in summer, you can explore the region stress-free without using your own car.

10. Explore the beautiful countryside on foot or by bike

Choose your own pace and realise that the journey is often more important than the destination. You will find the most beautiful impressions where you don't expect them.

With this in mind, enjoy your holiday and have a good time - just a little more consciously!