Organic Farmers

Regional organic food from Wagrain-Kleinarl

3 farmers from Kleinarl share a vision: They want to make the region the "Organic Valley Wagrain-Kleinarl". They live this vision and want to bring you closer to the diversity of local food.

In doing so, they place special emphasis on sustainable soil management, regionality and they always focus on their ecological footprint.

They started a few years ago with their "milk workshop" at the Hirschleitenhof in Kleinarl. There they produce milk, butter and a wide variety of cheeses in organic quality. You can taste the difference - guaranteed. In addition to the following organic farmers, the Steinbauer bakery is also part of the party and offers organic bread and organic pastries.

Dairy Workshop

Founded by 3 Bionieren

The Schwabhof, Stockham and Hirschleiten joined forces in 2017 and in 2018 established the Milchwerkstatt, a diary farm at Hirschleiten at 1200 m above sea level. There, the organic milk from the natural jewel Kleinarl Valley is refined into high-quality organic products according to traditional recipes, with a love of farming craftsmanship and many fresh ideas. The focus is on genuine taste, sustainability and love of agriculture. The premium recipes are therefore also completely without artificial additives such as flavors or preservatives - for the genuine, unadulterated taste.

The brand for organic from the valley stood in the initial phase for the milk products of the three pioneers and is now much broader. Eggs, bread and pastries, herbs, sausages and much more now bear this regional organic label.

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The farmers and their organic food