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Harvest Festival

Tradition in harvest season

The province of Salzburg is known for premium natural products from local agriculture. During the Harvest Festival, from 13.-21. September 2019, it’s all about the production and consumption of agricultural products. Tradition, customs and old craftsmanship are revived. Harvest Festival events are the highlights of the season and an extraordinary experience.

Follow the tracks of the local delicacies in Salzburg during the “fifth season”, and treat yourself to a hearty “Brettljause”.

Bauernherbst events 2019
  • Pumpkin festival: September 20th 
  • Bauernherbst fair: September 21st
  • Almabtrieb: September 21st
Harvest Festival hosts

Traditional and down-to-earth cuisine

The Harvest Festival hosts in Wagrain-Kleinarl will pamper you with traditional meals prepared with freshly harvested and local products. “Knoflkas”, salted and smoked meats, speck and sausages, roasts and Krapfen, Kasnocken and pressed cheese dumplings: The Harvest Festival is all about culinary delights – hearty and delicious Salzburg cuisine!

The Pongau cuisine is said to be particularly tasty and rich in variety. During the Harvest Festival, most culinary establishments will offer you meals and drinks especially created for this occasion. Harvest Festival hosts can easily be recognized by the “Bauernherbst” sign.

Traditional and down-to-earth cuisine, practiced by passionate cooks and hosts: That’s Bauernherbst in SalzburgerLand.


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