Krapfen on the Krapfenalm along the ski enjoyment route "on the tracks of the locals" | © Amanda Mattsby Explorealittlemore© Amanda Mattsby Explorealittlemore
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Ski amadé - Taste "Enjoyment Ski routes"

Culinary discovery tours in the skiing areas in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Would you like to go on a different discovery tour in Ski amadé? As a guest, you're probably wondering where the locals are going? We'll tell you now! Because if we can always ski, we sometimes simply prefer to stop for a bite to eat :)

In Wagrain the enjoyment ski route "In the tracks of the locals" is waiting for you and in Kleinarl you can get to know local delicacies on the enjoyment ski route "Small but o my...".

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Enjoyment Ski Route: "In the Tracks of the Locals" in Wagrain

The Ski amadé enjoyment ski route "In the tracks of the locals" is your enjoyment route in Wagrain. For breakfast, take the Flying Mozart to the Kogelalm. There you can enjoy a good home-style breakfast with cheese, sausage, ham, jam, bread rolls, egg variations, coffee, tea and everything you could imagine for breakfast. Morning pint is on the program in Austria at around 9:00 a.m., in Bavaria it is known as a snack or white sausage break. And that's exactly why you meet in the Almstadl for a glass of beer. Just a few turns later it is already lunchtime. When you leave the Grießenkareck you will surely smell the smoker's ribs from the Wagrainerhaus. Then you take the G-Link high above Wagrain and quench your thirst in the Hachaualm with ski water for adults. Usually, Franz the hut owner telles you a joke (also for adults). The last stop is the Krapfenalm, where the name says it all. Here you can enjoy donuts in all possible variations.

Breakfast on the Kogelalm at the ski enjoyment route "on the tracks of the locals" | © Amanda Mattsby Explorealittlemore© Amanda Mattsby Explorealittlemore
Enjoyment Ski Route: "Small but oh my ..."

Fancy currywurst in the mountains? Then get out and go to Gasthaus Galler, the meeting place on the mountain in Kleinarl. We call that breakfast. Then follow the spinach dumplings with melted butter on the Schüttalm and compensate for the meat consumption. Until dessert you can enjoy the Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl ski area with the snow park or the family run. And the homemade strudel with apricots or apples with icing is waiting for you. But admittedly, you don't really need to be hungry for a dessert. Sweet things go into another stomach anyway :). Afterwards, the Zirbenwirt entices with products from its own agriculture in the valley. Here you get a burger from your own Angus or Kalliste beef. Treat yourself with a "Schneekatzerl", a chocolate cone liqueur with a cream topping, opposite in the Schirmstüberl.


Currywurst along the enjoyment ski route "small but oh my..." in Kleinarl | © Amandy Mattsby Explorealittlemore© Amandy Mattsby Explorealittlemore
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