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Waggerl house

Karl Heinrich Waggerl House in Kirchboden in Wagrain

Karl Heinrich Waggerl is considered one of the most significant poets and writers of Austria. In his former place of activity, guests of today’s museum can embark on a literary journey to former times.

Follow the tracks of the great Salzburg poet and writer K. H. Waggerl on a guided culture walk or during a reading at his former place of activity,


Karl Heinrich Waggerl

One of Austria’s most widely read authors

The highly gifted writer was born in 1897 in Bad Gastein. After his return from war imprisonment in Italy in 1920, he accepted a teaching position in Wagrain. Three years later, Waggerl retreated from teaching due to a chronic lung disease and took up writing.

Over seven million copiesof Waggerl’s books were sold and his work was translated into over a dozen languages. His most famous works are the novels “Brot” (“Bread”), “Schweres Blut” (“Heavy Blood”) and “Mütter” (“Mothers”). Today, in his former place of activity in Kirchboden in Wagrain, the Waggerl Haus Museum can be found..

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Famous works

By Karl Heinrich Waggerl

  • Novels:Brot (1930), Schweres Blut (1931), Das Jahr des Herrn (1934), Mütter (1935)
  • Poetry:Heiteres Herbarium (1950)
  • Stories: Das Wiesenbuch (1934), Fröhliche Armut (1948), Und es begab sich… (1953)
  • Other:Wagrainer Tagebuch (1936), Alles Wahre ist einfach (1979)
Waggerl Museum

Following the tracks of the Salzburg writer

In an exhibition organized by the “Blaues Fenster” cultural club in collaboration with the local authorities of Wagrain, audio stations and a video clip introduce visitors of the Waggerl Haus to the life and works of Karl Heinrich Waggerl. In addition, show roomsthat arekept in the original condition convey the feeling of former times and make it possible to imagine the writer’s life.

Karl Heinrich Waggerl’s works impress his readers with the simplicity of the narrative and bridge the gap between gracious humor and profound reflectiveness. The immediate experiences in the Wagrain-Kleinarl region are reflected in the novels and stories in the same way as the sociopolitical attitude and significance.

“We all would like to improve the world, and we all could easily do so, if we were only willing to start with ourselves.”


Literary journey

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