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Farm Museum

Following the tracks of craftsmanship in SalzburgerLand

Especially for families, the Edelweiss Alm in the Wagrain-Kleinarl holiday region with its authentic farm museum is worth a visit in summer. Located within easy reach next to the Daarmoossee lake and the middle station of the “Roter 8er” cable car on 1,200 meters, visitors of the Edelweiss Alm are offered exciting experiences in the heart of the mountains of SalzburgerLand.

Petting pnies and having fun on the playground: Edelweiss Alm is a real paradise for children.

Rustic atmosphere

The farm museum as destination for family excursions

From the end of May until the beginning of October (closed on Fridays), families can learn at the Salzburg farm museum about the hard and honest work as well as the traditional craftsmanship of former times.

The exhibition in the rustic museum on the Edelweiss Alm teaches its visitors how the locals used to produce food and cultivate the alpine hut.


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Destination for all generations

The Edelweiss Alm is worth a visit not only because of the farm museum. On summer holidays in SalzburgerLand, the kids can romp around on the huge playground while you recharge your batteries on the wonderful sunny terrace.

Furthermore, the ponies and other animals enjoy getting some attention and being petted. Lake Darmoossee and lake Niederberg near Edelweiss Alm are perfect for a pleasant tour around the lake with the family. Edelweiss Alm can be reached directly via the hiking path, a mountain bike trail and an access road.

"The Edelweiss Alm on the sunny Weberlandl plateau is a popular destination especially for families."