The sustainability umbrella Wagrain-Kleinarl

Our view of Sustainability

The idea behind our sustainability label is that we bundle existing sustainable efforts, initiate new ones and give them (digital) visibility.

We want to give you, our guests, a well-founded and comprehensible orientation in the area of sustainability and this in the following areas that are relevant for us:

Transparency and honesty are two basic principles of sustainability and we want to live and breathe them into all tourist facilities in Wagrain-Kleinarl.

Therefore, we have looked at existing seals and labels have checked to what extent they deal with sustainability dimensions in tourism (defined and formulated by the GSTC) "ecology", "socio-economy", "culture" and "management". The following areas are the implementations of the GSTC dimensions mentioned:

Access to our sustainability umbrella is only granted to those businesses that have at least one of these sustainability-related certifications, that have undergone an external audit of their business and that this is visible (website, menu card, ...) and tangible (during meals, in conversation, in the basic attitude, building structure, ...).

We offer our micro-entrepreneurs in the area of local products (up to max. 1 employee) the possibility - if they do not have any of the above-mentioned seals - to sign a commitment in order to acquire the Wagrain-Kleinarl sustainability label.