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1. Area of application

These general terms and conditions apply to all bookings made via Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism's website, which can be accessed at, as well as those made via other forms (writing, fax, telephone) with Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism as an intermediary or organiser.

2. Legal agreement between Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism and the guest

2.1 Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism as an intermediary
Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism offers guests the opportunity to book travel courier services operated by third parties. Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism itself offers no courier services and assumes no liability. By making a booking the guest enters into an intermediary agreement with Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism. The provisions set out in Paragraph 31b ff of the Austrian Consumer Protection Law do not apply to this agreement. As such, Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism has no obligation as an intermediary to provide travel courier services to the guest and assumes no legal liability for the provision of these services by the third-party operator. 

2.2 Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism as an organiser
Only in exceptional circumstances, which shall be clearly communicated as such (i.e. clearly identified as offers of Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism in the text), does Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism act as the organiser of all-inclusive packages.


3. Bookings

3.1 Bookings of services operated by third parties
Bookings with third parties made through Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism will be forwarded to the respective service provider free of charge to the guest by Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism. 

3.2 Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism as an organiser
Travel offers (all-inclusive packages) organised by Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism (and clearly communicated as such by Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism) are booked by guests directly with Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism.

4. Conclusion of the agreement

By making a reservation the guest requests a service from the provider (in cases where Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism acts as an intermediary) or from Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism itself (for all-inclusive packages that are offered by Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism and clearly communicated as such). The agreement between the guest and the service provider is only concluded once the guest has received confirmation from Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism. If the offer is provided by Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism as an organiser, the legal agreement is directly between Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism and the guest. In such cases the agreement is subject to the provisions set out in these terms and conditions as well as to the Austrian Hotel Terms and Conditions 2006.

5. Payment

As soon as the booking has been confirmed by Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism, the following conditions apply:

5.1 Payment for services in which Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism acts as an intermediary
The service provider has the right to demand a deposit. If this right is applied, it must be communicated in the offer text and/or booking confirmation. This deposit must be paid to the service provider. The rest of the travel price, including any extra fees (final cleaning charge, local tourism tax, electricity, etc.) must be paid by the guest directly to the service provider. If a credit card number is provided, the service provider can use this information if the booking is cancelled to charge the cancellation fee to the credit card. Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism is not responsible for the content (including that of the agreement) such as cancellation fees, etc. set out by the service provider and distances itself expressly from any liability. The service provider alone is responsible for ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date and that the rooms are available as advertised.

5.2 Payment for all-inclusive deals organised by Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism
In cases where Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism is the organiser (especially of all-inclusive deals) the travel price or deposit must be communicated clearly (see above) in the offer text and booking confirmation.


6. Communication by guests

Communication by guests on changes and cancellations can be made (for both services where Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism acts as an intermediary and for services offered by Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism itself) either to Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism or directly to the service provider. The accommodation providers of Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism have their own cancellation conditions. For the Salzburger Sportwelt the conditions apply which are set out in the Austrian Hotel Terms and Conditions 2006.

7. Hotel categories and hotel information

7.1 Hotel classification
The hotel classification is based on an assessment of the accommodation provider carried out by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. 

7.2 Additional hotel information
Additional hotel information is based on information provided by the hotel itself. Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism assumes no responsibility for this information in cases where it acts as an intermediary.

8. Data protection

Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism processes personal data of guests according to the legal requirements of the relevant data protection laws. Data provided by guests are only used to fulfil the purposes of the contract. They shall only be shared with third parties if this is necessary for carrying out the booking and/or responding to booking requests. Personal data shall not be provided to third parties for any other purposes.

9. General information

All booking, unless expressly stated otherwise, are subject to the provisions of the Austrian Hotel Terms and Conditions 2006 (AGBH 2006). Any legal disputes between the guest and Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism shall be dealt with by the responsible Austrian court of law at the headquarters of Salzburger Sportwelt. Austrian law shall be applied in all cases.