Alpaka-Alm Kitzsteingut

My philosophy - sustainable business

The Kiztsteingut high above the Moadörfl in Wagrain, is a mountain farm in zone 4, which means with the highest difficulties of cultivation, in terms of location and steepness of the property.

The farm has a safe, asphalted access road and the breathtaking view compensates for the hardships of everyday life. An all-terrain tractor for universal use in cultivating this mountainous terrain is Bernhard Maurer's motorized sidekick.

From the Andes to the Alps
Visually and haptically cuddly animals, actually valuable farm animals, especially in the Alps. Alpacas are light-footed and mountain-going, ideal for grazing on the steep slopes at the Kitzsteingut. Snowy and cold winters are no handicap and so the herd grows from year to year.

Alpaka-Alm Kitzsteingut

Bernhard Maurer
Zollweg 21,
5602 Wagrain

Tel. +43 664 111 11 67

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