• Chef Rudi Pichler grinds his knives in his own show kitchen | © Lehrling der Zeit
  • Roland Trettl | © Helge Kirchberger
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SKI & culinary delight

Regional products made at top priority!

The recipe for an unforgettable skiing day? Take two top ski destinations in the Salzburg Alps, add a star chef and spice it up with a stunning mountain backdrop - and that's ski & culinary delight with Roland Trettl.

The culinary highlight before Christmas in Wagrain-Kleinarl combines skiing and enjoyment: "Ski & culinary delight with Roland Trettl" takes place on 19th and 20th of December 2019.

On these two days, star chef Roland Trettl and Rudi Pichler will allow all guests to take part in their cooking performance in the show kitchen, which has been specially set up for this purpose.

According to the motto "Twice the joy of food" they use ingredients from regional producers.

Afterwards you can enjoy, the dish created by star chef Roland Trettl the whole winter at selected ski huts in the ski areas Snow Space Salzburg and Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl.

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All facts in one place!
  • Enjoy "Trettl´s culinary delight " all winter long at ski huts in the region.

  • 19th December: Gala-evening with 4-course menu at Sporthotel Wagrain 
  • 20th December: LIVE cooking event on the mountain at the Kogelalm Wagrain

Winter opening event in Wagrain-Kleinarl

19th December 2019 

"Ski & culinary delight in 4 courses"

Gala evening with 4-course menu and drinks at 7 pm at the Sporthotel Wagrain 

As a prelude to the winter start event in Wagrain-Kleinarl, a culinary evening with Rudi Pichler and Roland Trettl awaits you. 

Here you can find all details about the gala evening & ticket sales!


20th December 2019 

"Ski & culinary delight on the mountain with Roland Trettl"

LIVE cooking event on the mountain from 11.30 am until 2 pm at the Kogelalm Wagrain

On the day after the gala evening, the show kitchen on the mountain stands in the middle of the ski area Snow Space Salzburg. At the location: Kogelalm Wagrain at the Flying Mozart mountain station, the event has a spectacular view of the winter mountains of Salzburg. Roland Trettl is cooking live for you! The band "The First Summer" will musically frame the event. So interrupt your turns on the slope and stop by to enjoy.

Price: 14.90 € per person - Further details will be announced shortly. 


from 21st December 2019

Enjoy "Trettl´s culinary delight" at ski huts the winter long

You missed the event? - Don't worry, you can enjoy "Trettl´s dish" all winter long in selected ski huts throughout the valley. With the vision of Roland Trettl, the skill of Rudi and the products of "Bio aus dem Tal", a varied dish is created. You'll find it authentically cooked according to Roland's recipe and with the same ingredients on the menus in the ski areas.

Click here for the list of selected ski huts!

Enjoy your meal! - with "Ski & culinary delight in Wagrain-Kleinarl"

Ski & culinary delight in 4 courses

19th of December: Gala evening with 4-course menu and drinks at 7 pm at the Sporthotel Wagrain 

Rudi creates live three dishes of the menu in the show kitchen and Roland creates the main course for you. The two chefs work on a specially installed show kitchen. You can follow the work of the pros on several screens. After the "showcase dish" is ready, the service staff will bring you the authentically cooked delicacy and you will enjoy the respective course with the musical accompaniment of DJ Tobi Rudig. Experience the 4-course menu including one drink to each course in a stylish ambience in the Sporthotel Wagrain.


  • € 119,00 per person (inkl. tax)
  • available at Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus
  • inclusive aperitif
  • inclusive one 4-course gala menu
  • with beverage accompaniment (= one beverage recommendation is served with each course)
  • further consumption are exclusive.
  • Each ticket is divided to a specific table. But, the seating at the table is free!
  • The event language is german. (cooks are talking in german)
  • Tickets now available at Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus.

Admission from 6.30 pm, aperitif at 7.00 pm, show-start at 7.30 pm

The show kitchen for Roland Trettl and Rudi Pichler was specially made! | © Lohberger.com© Lohberger.com

Ski & culinary delight in 4 courses, 19th of December 2019


Bündner meat / mountain cheese

fresh cow cheese / herbs / caramel

ox / wheat



Tauernroggen (rye) / Bakery Steinbauer

Rye bread / sour butter / crystal salt from Hallein

Egg from Wagrainer Hühnerdorf

Yolk / semolina / brown butter / smoked pods / herbs

Surprise dish by Roland Trettl

Curd cheese from the milk workshop

curd cheese / rowanberry / plum / mint

Foretaste ...

Here you will find a foretaste of the 4-course menu of the gala evening. Each dish is dedicated to an organic producer from "Bio aus dem Tal". The main ingredients of each dish are listed here. But what a culinary experience it will be, when the chefs get started, can be experienced LIVE at Ski & culinary delight in 4 courses. - Get your ticket now!

Book a package for the event!

We have put together an offer for you at the event:

  • 2 nights in the accommodation of your choice
  • 2-day ski pass for 760 km of slopes in Ski amadé
  • Participation in "Ski & culinary delight on the mountain with Roland Trettl".
  • optional: ticket for "Ski & culinary delight in 4 courses with Roland Trettl" (gala evening)

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Roland Trettl

Star chef at ski & culinary delight in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Roland Trettl is a top chef and at least since his role as chef at Restaurant Ikarus every gourmet has known him. Roland Trettl's Restaurant Ikarus was honoured both in the Falstaff Restaurant Guide and by Gault Millau Austria.

He was also awarded a Michelin star in 2004. In addition to his work as a chef, he is also a popular TV chef. Roland Trettl is a TV expert on the Sat 1 cooking casting show "The Taste", the VOX shows "Kitchen impossible" and "Grill den Profi/Henssler".

He also delivers himself behind the stove again and again cooking duels of the extra class. Since 2018 he has been leading through the VOX format "First Dates - Ein Tisch für 2". And with "First Dates" he even reaches prime time. Together with Michael Mittermeier he creates "True Story", a mix of fiction, comedy and authentic stories.

In September 2019 he publishes his new book "Nachschlag: Der Koch, der erst ohne Sterne und Hauben das wahre Glück fand" ("Lookup: The cook who found true happiness without stars and hoods").

Roland Trettl | © Helge Kirchberger© Helge Kirchberger
Rudi Pichler 

One of the stars of ski & culinary delight in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Rudi Pichler comes from Kleinarl and is a local chef. He learned his trade from top chef Franz Aichhorn and worked with renowned chefs such as Schellhorn and Obauer. He has improved his skills in various restaurants. On a culinary voyage of discovery in South Africa, Rudi rediscovered baking bread and the passion for bread is greater today than ever before. In May 2018 the joint film work with Simon Tasek premiered in the local cinemas. In the movie "Lehrling der Zeit" (Apprentice of Time) he takes a mental journey back in time to the post-war period and learns a new understanding of the value of local food and the appreciation of food regains more importance for him. He reworks the existing products with today's possibilities. Thus, long forgotten culinary arts find their way into modern cuisine - traditional roots are combined with modern culinary art. The focus is on regionality.

Chef Rudi Pichler with sourdough loaf of bread  | © Lehrling der Zeit © Lehrling der Zeit
December 2020 - ski & culinary delight comes back!

Oh yeah - that's right! "Ski & culinary delight" is not a unique event - every year a different star chef visits Wagrain-Kleinarl and spoils you with exclusive delicacies. 

So be curious who you can see next year LIVE ...

Bio aus dem Tal

The producers of many ingredients for ski & culinary delight in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Organic food from the valley: The three "pioneers" are farmers with a passion and enjoy working together as a family. Under the "Bio aus dem Tal" brand, they produce dairy products and the various types of cheese in their milk workshop in Kleinarl. They love life with nature and animals. They are particularly proud of the fact that they can work on their own farms and also have jobs to offer in the region. They attach great importance to sustainability and regionality. Of course, everything is made out from organic and regional products - you can taste the difference.

With "Bio aus dem Tal" they have laid the foundation stone for their dream - but they are working hard to bring their vision to as many people as possible and to create more awareness again. And they have succeeded. From now on the Wagrainer Hühnerdorf and the farm Großwidmoos produce organic products from the valley. The Steinbauer bakery is also on board.

Every course of the gala-menu is dedicated to another producer of Bio aus dem Tal.

Fresh herbs from the farm Grosswidmoos - one producer of Bio aus dem Tal in Wagrain-Kleinarl | © Bio aus dem Tal© Bio aus dem Tal

These huts have the "Trettl´s culinary delight"
in winter 2019/20 on the menu

Preview of the participating huts*:


*subject to change without notice


Ski & culinary delight takes place with the support of the following partners. - THANK YOU!

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