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Paragliding Event: Red Bull X-Alps

in Wagrain-Kleinarl in 2019, 2021 and 2023

On 16th June 2019 Red Bull X-Alps starts the ninth edition. A fixed component of it: Wagrain-Kleinarl is a mandatory stop for the athletes and the prologue as well as the pre-week take place in the region, which is the preparation for the hardest adventure race of the world. The 32 participants from 20 nations, including two women, have to compete on foot and with the paraglider only, passing several turnpoints between Salzburg and Monaco. The track is about 1,100 km and plays a central role in the race.

Will the five-time winner and World Champion Christian Maurer from Switzerland be the fastest again, or can another athlete win the diversified race? Experience the participants up close in the middle of the Alps in Salzburg and follow your favorite participant online with the live tracking tool on the route to Monaco.

Join the event live when the athletes fight for the best places and rewards!