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Red Bull X-Alps

in Wagrain-Kleinarl in 2021 and 2023

On the 20th of June, 2021 the 10th edition of Red Bull X-Alps starts.

An integral part: Wagrain-Kleinarl as a mandatory stopover and host of the prologue for the toughest adventure race in the world.

The 33 athletes from 17 nations, including two women, have only to walk and with the paraglider past 13 turnpoints from Salzburg to Monaco. The 1,100 kilometer route will once again play a key role in 2021.

Experience the participants up close in the middle of the Salzburg Alps and follow your favorites online in the live tracking on the further route to the finish.

Join the event when the athletes fight for the best start positions and rewards!

Red Bull X-Alps - highlights
  • 17.06.2021 - Prologue in Wagrain-Kleinarl
  • 20.06.2021 - Start of the race in Salzburg
  • 16.03.2021 - Route announcement
THe Route 2021 (to be announced on 16.03.2021)

from Salzburg to Monaco - ONLY by foot or with the paraglider (route from 2019)

Red bull x-alps 2021

The program in Wagrain-Kleinarl

17th of June, 2020: PROLOGUE 

A small race for the best times and important jokers. F

20th of June, 2020: Race start & TURNPOINT 

Race start at Mozartplatz in Salzburg. Turnpoint in Wagrain-Kleinarl.

Prologue 17. Juni 2021

Wasserwelt Wagrain parking area with Expo-Area

For the third time in the history of the Red Bull X-Alps, a prologue will be held. Program for 2021 to be announced.

It is a small race with a length of about 25km and a race time between 2 and 4.5 hours in which all Red Bull X-Alps athletes participate.

  • The TOP 3 get an additional Night Pass (Strategically important Joker during the actual race)
  • The respective arrears on the winner of the prologue are taken over into the main race and the athletes have to wait this time on the 2nd day. 

From 10.00 am Expo-Area with food & drinks at the parking area of Wasserwelt Wagrain. With free admission you can test the latest products from Red BullSkywalkSalewaSuuntoPowertravellerPorcher SportAdventure Menu and other partners.

At 6 pm award ceremony and welcome dinner at the Alpengasthof Kogelalm with the town band Wagrain and the historic Bauernschützen Wagrain. The Flying Mozart cable car has adapted special operating hours on this day: 9.00 am-1.30 pm, 5.00 pm-6.30 pm and 8.30 pm-10.00pm.

This is twice the action!

© zooom~FelixWoelk© zooom~FelixWoelk
Racestart &  turnpoint 20th june, 2021

from 1.30 pm Wasserwelt Wagrain parking area with Expo-area

The participants of the Red Bull X-Alps fight their way across the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco in about 1,100 kilometers.

Program for 2021 follows as soon as possible.

The 2nd Turnpoint - here the participants change the direction - is in Wagrain-Kleinarl. The distance between the turnpoints is not fixed and the athletes can choose their route freely. 

The arrival of the athletes in Wagrain-Kleinarl on Sunday, June 16th, is weather dependent and therefore can not be predicted accurately. In cause good weather conditions, the first athletes reach the turnpoint in Wagrain-Kleinarl in the early afternoon, but in unfavorable flight conditions they will arrive later.

© zooom~LeoRosas© zooom~LeoRosas
LIVE Tracking 

Fans and followers from all over the world can follow every step of the athletes with LIVE Tracking - at the prologue and the race!

Not just tracking - but much more! - With the 3D mode - you are as close to the athletes as never before!

Who will be in front? Which route will be the best choice? - Join live!

Paul GuschlBauer

Athlete from Graz, Austria


Adventurer Paul Guschlbauer is already at the start for the 5th time at Red Bull X-Alps and wants to win! - He was training with us in Wagrain-Kleinarl and we accompanied him:


Red Bull X-Alps athlete Paul Guschlbauer from Austria | © honza-zak-red-bull© honza-zak-red-bull
Interview with event manager Ulrich Grill

Ulrich Grill, event manager of the Red Bull X-alps takes us in the interview behind the scenes of the hardest adventure race in the world.

 Interview (german)


in Wagrain-Kleinarl