Silent Night Advent

Advent & Christmas in Wagrain-Kleinarl

A very special magic surrounds the holiday paradise of Wagrain-Kleinarl during Advent. The Advent programme "Silent Night" puts you and your loved ones in a pre-Christmas mood. It is an ideal mixture of winter romance and originality.

The "Silent Night" events are dedicated to the remembrance of Joseph Mohr, the local poet of probably the most famous Christmas carol in the world: "Silent Night, Holy Night". Joseph Mohr was parish vicar in Wagrain and cared for the poor population in the region.

Let yourself be enchanted and put into a pre-Christmas mood. Best done on an Advent holiday in Wagrain-Kleinarl.

We are very pleased that our Advent markets in Wagrain-Kleinarl have been a Green Event this year.

Wagrain's Wishing Tree

At the Silent Night Museum (Pflegerschlössl) in Wagrain you can deposit your wishes for the world, the Christ Child or your fellow human beings at Christmas time.

Through the colourful wishing balls, the individual wishes are united into one big whole: The commonality of wishing.

Join in and write your most fervent wishes from your heart.