Square and village concerts in Wagrain-Kleinarl.

Enjoy an evening full of traditional brass music with free admission and drinks.

The square concert with a varied musical program of the Trachtenmusikkapelle Wagrain and performance of the Wagrainer Herreiter or Goasslschnalzer always takes place on selected Wednesday dates on the market square in Wagrain.

The village concert of the Trachtenmusikkapelle Kleinarl always takes place on Tuesdays on the dates listed below. We are happy to welcome all guests and locals to our musical, traditional entertainment at Hirner's Restaurant & Pizzeria or at the music pavilion.
The Kleinarler Trachtenmusikkapelle offers good entertainment with free admission and drinks.
The evening will be accompanied by the Wagrainer Herreitern or Goasslschnalzern or the Heimatverein Kleinarl.

We are very pleased to be able to hold our Place & Village Concerts in Wagrain-Kleinarl as a Green Event this year.

Place Concerts in Wagrain

Village Concerts in Kleinarl

Summer Night Concert

Enjoy the warm summer evening with traditional music of the Trachtenmusikkapelle Wagrain & Kleinarl.

The two bands will spoil you with a rich spectrum of musical highlights. Whether century-old pieces or newly interpreted classics - here is something for every taste.