Joseph Mohr Memorial Singing

In memory of the "Silent Night" song

Wherever "Silent Night, Holy Night" is heard, it makes time stand still for a moment - be it at mass, at home under the Christmas tree or on the radio. Even today, it is a testimony to the deeply human need for peace and reflection, which has a unifying and reconciling effect across the boundaries of faiths and continents.

Joseph Mohr, vicar of Wagrain and author of a world-famous carol. Hardly any other Christmas carol is as deeply rooted in people's consciousness as "Silent Night, Holy Night". Joseph Mohr, born in Salzburg in 1792, wrote this poem in 1816 and had it set to music by Franz Xaver Gruber to create an atmospheric Christmas carol. It has been part of every Christmas ceremony ever since.

Silent Night Museum

Find out more about the famous song in the Pflegerschlössl

Joseph Mohr came to Wagrain in 1837. As vicar of the parish, he took care of the needy in the Wagrain-Kleinarl region and had an elementary school built. Mohr died in Wagrain in 1848, where he is also buried. The Silent Night Museum in the Pflegerschlössl is dedicated to the life and work of Joseph Mohr and his world-famous song.

The "Silent Night Museum" in the Pflegerschlössl is not only dedicated to the life and work of the poet, Joseph Mohr (1792-1848), who spent the last eleven years of his life as a vicar in Wagrain, but also to the global spread and impact of the song.

The "Pflegerschlössl" is the perfect location for this unique museum project. Built in 1794 for the highest archiepiscopal administrator, it survived political and social upheavals, was an administrative and court building, then a school, bell foundry, smithy, residential building and finally became a museum.

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