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Freestyle Park

The freestyle hotspot in Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl

For professional freestylers, it has been a well-known spot for quite some time, but it is also worth a visit for beginners and easy shredders: The Absolut Park on Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl is one of the largest snow parks of the Alps, with a length of 1.5 kilometers and more than 100 obstacles. For ambitious rookies as well as professional freestylers, there are no limits in the six sections of the park.

Strap on your skiers or board and take off: Discover the diverse setup of the park and its six sections and define your own individual runs in the snow of Shuttleberg.

Setup AT THE Freestyle-Mekka

Everything the freestyle heart desires

Apart from small kickers, the Beginner Line impresses with various easy rails, boxes and jibs. It is a perfect opportunity to improve your park skills and work on the basis for the larger obstacles.

All those who aim high will find maximum airtime on the 5 Kickers Line built according to international standards. In spring, the Spring Battle, Austria’s best-known mountain snowboard contest, takes place on the Kicker Line.

kicker freestyle park wagrain kleinarl

On the many rails and jibs, there is no limit to creativity. The setup comprises an S-rail, a barrel, elbow, kinked, double kinked and straight rails and is reshaped, reconstructed and extended continuously.

Riders will discover a variety of rails on this line as well. It leads into a 100 meters long halfpipe with 4-meter walls – ideal for all who cautiously want to approach the mighty Superpipe.

rail element absolut park

The Jib Park at the lower end of the park is the perfect spot for beginners to practice new tricks. The jib obstacles make a great impression due to their immense style and unlimited creativity. At the end of the Jib Park, freestylers relax at the legendary Chill House.

In its dimensions, the Superpipe corresponds exactly to the X -Games and Olympics standards and is often used for training purposes by international pros. To avoid empty meters and ensure ideal usage, the Superpipe has its own lift.


absolut park wagrain kleinarl
Burton "The Stash"

The minimalist park made of the natural elements snow and wood invites creative riders on diverse runs over natural, perfectly shaped obstacles.

A huge backcountry area with numerous natural powder jumps, cliffs, wind lips, and versatile obstacles made of wood: “The Stash” conveys the ultimate backcountry and freestyle feeling on Shuttleberg in Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl.


Cash 4 Trick

Tour through the snow parks in Ski amadé

The Ski amadé Cash4Trick tour is entering the next round - through the snow parks in Ski amadé. The name says it all on this tour: For every successful trick there is € 5.00 in cash. Professional judges will rate you.

But don't worry, not every jump or trick has to be perfect, just "save". If the judges give a thumbs up, you cash in immediately.

At the Cash4Trick tour you can present your jumps in front of an audience. By the way, real talents were discovered.

The collector's pass is new: if you take part in at least 4 events per season, you can win big prizes from Blue Tomato at the end of the season.

The event always takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Maximum Airtime

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