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Flying Fox & rope course in Kleinarl

The Wagrain-Kleinarl holiday region offers a wide variety of action-packed activities for all climbers. Climbing in Kleinarl is a unique natural experience at lofty heights. Thanks to the climbing gym at the Wagrain secondary school, climbing enthusiasts won’t have to miss out on anything even in winter.

Up for an adventure? Soar through the air on a Flying Fox zip-line or master challenges together in the team rope course Wagrain.

Climbing highlights
  • Flying Fox course Kesselfallschlucht
  • Rope course Kleinarl
  • Rope course Wagrain
  • Climbing gym at Kirchboden
Flying Fox Kleinarl

Zip-lining course through the Kesselfall gorge

Soar through the air of Kesselfall gorge in Kleinarl at full throttle:

On five exciting zip-lines and a rope bridge crossing two waterfalls, you will experience unforgettable moments and impressions on the zip-lining course Kleinarl. The ascent to the starting point of the Flying Fox is possible over a via ferrata of your choice (A: easy, A/B: easy-intermediate or B/C: intermediate/difficult)

On joint tours, groups of up to eight people are led through the natural surroundings of Kesselfall gorge by KLETTER-WELT guides. You are welcome to book a guided tour in advance at

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Rope course Kleinarl

Breathtaking panorama at Peilsteinpalfen

From the KLETTER-WELT Wagrain parking lot, the rope course Kleinarl can be reached via the Kesselfall circular trail in 15 minutes. Apart from 50 exercises, the site also offers an amazing view of the Kleinarltal. The highlights of the course are the purple and the black course: High up, you will enjoy the view of the 80 meter abyss – head of heights recommended.

Overview of the attractions:

  • Five courses
  • Children’s course for children aged four and up or over 110 cm
  • Flying Fox course
  • TOPPAS (safe jump from 14 meters)
  • Highest platform: 15 meters
climbing kletter-welt kleinarl
Rope course Wagrain

The team rope course in the heart of Wagrain

The rope course in the heart of Wagrain offers an ideal opportunity for a teambuilding unit during school trips or company outings. A high degree of cohesion and teamwork is necessary to overcome the tricky stations and exciting high rope elements.


Overview of the attractions:

  • Three courses (10 years and up)
  • Team course
  • Team high rope stations
  • Highest platform: 17 meters
  • Especially suitable for incentive & school groups
flying fox course kletter-welt kleinarl
three vie ferrate in kleinarl

High above Kleinarl at the Peilsteinpalfen

Against a breathtaking mountain backdrop, we offer you three "vie ferrate" (fixed-rope route) experiences and a terrain trek. Ranging from a family "via ferrata" A/B (easy) to a fixed-rope route B/C (medium) through the Kesselfall gorge up to the fixed-rope route C/D (difficult), which is hard to beat when it comes to altitude and attractiveness.

In atemberaubender Berg-Kulisse bieten wir drei Klettersteigerlebnisse und einen Geländesteig. Vom Familienklettersteig Tatzlwurm A/B (leicht) über einen Klettersteig Kesselfall der Schwierigkeit B/C (mittel) durch die Kesselfallschlucht bis hin zum Klettersteig Kleinarler Luftikus D (schwer), der an Höhe und Attraktivitär kaum zu überbieten

Climbing gym

Climbing enthusiasts will get their share in Wagrain-Kleinarl also in winter: In the multi-purpose hall of the Wagrain secondary school, there is a climbing wall with an approx. 180m2 lead area. In addition, a size-adjustable slackline offers the opportunity to work on your sense of balance.

Further information can be found on the Alpine Association website or via phone: +43 664 45 20 828.

Opening hours

Pre-season: 10. - 13.05., 19. - 21.05., 26. - 27.05., 31.05. - 03.06., 09. - 10.06., 16. - 17.06., 23. - 24.06.;

  • Registration required +43 664 88 31 55 42
  • Seilgarten Kleinarl 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Flying Fox Kesselfall 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • guided Flying Fox Kesselfalltour 2.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

Main-season: 30.06. - 02.09., daily

  • Seilgarten Kleinarl 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Flying Fox Kesselfall 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • guided tours check weekly program (registration required +43 664 88 31 55 42)

Post-season: 08.09. - 28.10., Saturday and Sunday

  • Registration required +43 664 88 31 55 42
  • Seilgarten Kleinarl 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Flying Fox Kesselfall 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • guided Flying Fox Kesselfalltour 2.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

For groups more than 8 persons booking is requested, Tours in all rope facilities possible also outside normal opening hours

Ropecourse Kleinarl Entry Sportwelt guest-card Wagrain-Kleinarl guest-card
Adult 32,00 27,00 22,00
Youth (10 - 17,99 years) 27,00 23,00 19,00
Child (5 - 9,99 years) 24,00 20,00 17,00
Flying Fox Kleinarl Rental Sportwelt guest-card Wagrain-Kleinarl guest-card
Adult 30,00 27,00 27,00
Youth (10 - 17,9 years) 27,00 24,00 24,00
Guided Flying Fox Tour  plus 10,00 plus 8,00 plus 8,00
Combiticket Kleinarl Entry/Rental Sportwelt guest-card Wagrain-Kleinarl guest-card
Adult 51,00 51,00 44,00
Youth (10 - 17,99 years) 42,00 42,00 37,00
Guided Flying Fox tour and high ropes course plus 20,00 plus 16,00 plus 12,00
Ropecourse Wagrain
on demand
Seasonticket Child and Youth 99,00
Seasonticket Adult 150,00