At the summit of the Penkkopf at the Salzburg Summit Game | © Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger© Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger
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Salzburg Summit Game - Listen to what the mountains have to Say!

Climb the peaks in the Salzburger Sportwelt in a playful way

Would you like to climb the peaks of the Salzburger Sportwelt in a playful way? Then the Salzburg summit game is thr right thing for you. Because this is a unique hiking experience around the "Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen".

You climb 7 peaks in the 7 villages of the Salzburger Sportwelt. The mountain tours are a special mountain experience and in addition to beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, a profound message and a ritual awaits you on every summit.

The idea behind the Salzburg summit game is very simple: the 7 mountains symbolize the "Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen". iEach mountain is telling its own story and shares its message with every hiker and has wisdom ready for anyone who climbs it. When hiking, you not only deal with the beautiful mountain landscape but also with a higher level - with the wisdom of the mountains. The Salzburg summit game is a playful engagement with the mountains - for the whole family.

Do you want to playfully hike the mountains in Salzburger Sportwelt? Then book your personal Salzburg summit game right away.

The Salzburg Summit Game at a Glance

Everything you should know about the Salzburg Summit Game

What is the Salzburg Summit Game all about?
At the Salzburg Summit Game you climb the 7 peaks individually in the Salzburger Sportwelt. The starter package includes a drinking cup, a tour book and a hiking map. You can buy this from the tourist offices. In the tour book you will find all information about the peaks as well as thoughts for your (hiking)path. On the summits there is a summit book in which you can find the respective ritual.

Which locations are part of the Salzburg Summit Game?
The locations of the Salzburg Summit Game include the locations of the Salzburger Sportwelt: Wagrain-Kleinarl, St. Johann in Salzburg, Flachau, Eben, Filzmoos, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee and Radstadt.

How difficult are the tours?
These are easy to medium mountain tours. The mountain tours can be hiked with the whole family. There are no climbing passages or exposed spots.

What about the rituals?
For each summit there is an individual ritual that revolves around the special features of the Benevolent Queen, her noblemen and her messages to us humans. The rituals are an invitation to ourselves, are inspiration and not an obligation.

Instructions Salzburg Mountain Game
  1. You get your starter package - your personal summit box - at the tourist offices of the Salzburg Sportwelt. This contains the basic equipment (tour book, drinking cup with carabiner, hiking map). It costs 14.90 € with guest card and 19.90 € without guest card.
  2. You climb the peaks in any order. There is no time limit for that either. At the summit you will find an embossed stamp for your tour book.
  3. For each stamp you will receive a "summit to collect" for your drinking cup. You get this at the tourist offices. Carry the drinking cup with the "summits to collect" clearly on your backpack so that other Salzburg Mountain Game players can recognize you.
  4. In the summit books on the mountains you can read interesting facts about the mountain and the respective ritual. Let yourself be inspired.
  5. You have climbed all the peaks, you have the stamps in the tour book and the "summits to collect" on your drinking cup? Then come to the tourist offices. A surprise is waiting for you there.

Can't wait to climb the peaks of the Salzburger Sportwelt in a playful way? Do you want to find out more about the Benevolent Queen and her noblemen? Then book your hiking holiday in Wagrain-Kleinarl right now.

the 7 Summits of the Salzburg Mountain Game

The Benevolent Queen an her six noblemen

Once upon a time, there was a Benevolent Queen. Even today, the Bischofsmütze in Filzmoos reminds of the queen with its striking appearance. Her biggest goal was to make the world better. She placed her personal protection on all living things: people, animals, plants. Her greatest concern was that happiness, contentment and prosperity reigned in her empire. Nobody should suffer hunger or need, nobody should worry about their wellbeing. For her, harmony, respect and humility were as important as love, freedom and community.

Six noblemen were her confidants. The Watchman, the Bearer of Secrets, the Scout, the Poet, the Magician and the Healer advised the queen. Together they solved the concerns and they were all concerned with the well-being of their empire.

We still feel the lessons of the Benevolent Queen and her noblemen today: We follow their paths, listen to the whispering of the trees and discover their hidden messages. The Benevolent Queen and her noblemen were petrified and turned into 7 peaks. Today they are highly visible and characteristic of the landscape in the Salzburg sports world.

Nobleman Penkkopf in Wagrain-Kleinarl

The Magician

Wild bees, bumblebees and butterflies accompany you on the ascent to the Penkkopf. The picturesque view from the Penkkopf makes you realize that life is a wonderful gift. Even the Benevolent Queen sometimes forgot how beautiful life is. With a lot of stress in everyday life, she lost her lightness. But then thank God the Magicians entered her live and persuaded her to sing, dance and laugh. With the Magician it is easy to bring passion and ease back into life.

During the ritual at the Penkkopf we leave our comfort zones and do things for which we are actually too cowardly. The most important thing: We alone decide what we want - maybe it is a real challenge?

Village: Kleinarl
Altitude: 2,011 m
Duration: approx. 3.5 hours ascent
Stops for refreshments: Kleinarler Hütte, Kurzeggalm
Tour Penkkopf

At the summit of the Penkkopf at the Salzburg Summit Game | © Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger© Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger
Nobleman Hochgründeck in St. Johann

The Healer

Silence and peace accompany you on a hike through the forest to the Hochgründeck. This peak is one of the highest forested mountain peaks in Europe - a healing place to pause and recharge your batteries. The Benevolent Queen had a close relationship with her Healer. He was a great teacher: you have to accept ups and downs, fate can sometimes be changed with waiting and silence, sometimes with active efforts.

The ritual at the Hochgründeck should help you to recharge your batteries. Subsequently, it helps you to achieve your inner peace.

Village: Wagrain and St. Johann
Altitude: 1,827 m
Duration: approx. 2 3/4 hours ascent
Stop for refreshment: Heinrich-Kiener-Haus
Tour Hochgrüdeck

Ritual from the Salzburg Summit Game at the Hochgründeck | © Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger© Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger
Nobleman Saukarfunktel in Flachau

The Poet

The Saukarfunktel is a bit hidden behind the Griessenkareck, which can be seen from afar. The Poet repeatedly inspired the Benevolent Queen to promote her talents. This is the only way to leave traces in life. With the help of the Poet, the Benevolent Queen realized that happiness in life is much greater if you can live out your own talents.

The ritual at Saukarfunktel invites you to rediscover your own talents. Because fun and things that we can do really well lead to a fulfilling life.

Villages: Kleinarl and Flachau
Altitude: 2,028 m
Duration: approx. 3 hours ascent (incl. cable cars)
Stop for refreshment: various restaurants
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Hikers on their way to the Saukarfunktel at the Salzburg Summit Game | © Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger© Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger
Nobleman LAckenkogel in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

Der Watchman

The Lackenkogel watches over Altenmarkt. At the summit you have the feeling of being strong, brave and invincible. The Watchman put all of his focus on protecting the Benevolent Queen. Above all, it was important to him that she should feel her own strength and develop her own self-confidence. He taught her to be vigilant, brave, and persistent in life.

The watchman is awakened in you during the ritual on the Lackenkogel. Then you are charged with good energy and your are brave, strong and flexible.

Village: Altenmarkt-Zauchensee
Altitude: 2,051 m
Duration: approx. 2.5 hours ascent
Stops for refreshment: Sattelbauer, Lackenalmen
Tour Lackenkogel


Hikers take a break at the Lackenkogel during the Salzburg Summit Game | © Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger© Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger
Nobleman Rossbrand in Radstadt

The Scout

The view from the Rossbrand is unique. This ensures that hikers gain new insights and new perspectives. Decisive decisions can be made here in peace. As a close and important ally of the Benevolent Queen, the Scout recognized the signs of the times early and interpreted them correctly. He taught the Queen to stay calm and make decisions at the right moment - because life is changing.

In the ritual at the Rossbrand you learn to do nothing and just relax. The fun stone oracle can help you make important decisions.

Villages: Radstadt
Altitude: 1,768 m
Duration: approx. 3 hours ascent
Stops for refreshment: Bürgerbergalm, Radstädter Hütte, Berggasthof Rohrmoos
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Hikers at the summit of the Rossbrand during Salzburg Summit Game | © Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger© Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger
Nobleman Gerzkopf in Eben

The Bearer of Secrets

The Gerzkopf is geographically the closest to the Benevolent Queen. Legendary lakes, a mystical peat bog, an old shepherd's hut and a wish bell make the Gerzkopf a place where secret wishes come true. The Benevolent Queen's wishes and secrets were in good hands with the Bearer of Secrets. In addition to guarding the secrets, the Bearer of Secrets also reminded the Queen of her wishes when she lost sight of them.

In the ritual on the Gerzkopf, you deal with your secret wishes. You give them to the wind and hope for their fulfillment.

Village: Eben
Altitude: 1,728 m
Duration: approx. 2 hours ascent
Stop for refreshments: Schäferhütte
Tour Gerzkopf


Hikers at the summit of the Gerzkopf | © Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger© Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger
Bischofsmütze in Filzmoos

The Benevolent Queen

The Bischofsmütze gives hikers a glimpse of the little things along the way: wild herbs, beetles and secret messages. The Benevolent Queen was a wise regent. The wellbeing of all living beings was very important to her. She acted with love and was able to act generously and carefully. She also knew that whoever falls for the superficial appearance is plagued by envy, resentment and jealousy. She wanted to open up the beauty of the world to everyone.

The ritual on the Bischofsmütze helps to recognize the wealth of your own life. The view of the little precious things is sharpened.

Village: Filzmoos
Duration: 2,454 m
Duration: approx. 45 minutes to the platform
Stops for refreshments: Kirchgasshütte, Hofpürglhütte, Hofalmen
The Bischofsmütze should only be climbed with a mountain guide, the hike which is part of the Salzburg Summit game is an easy round tour with wonderful views and refreshments.
Tour Bischofsmütze


View to the Bischofsmütze - the Benevolent Queen of the Salzburg Summit Game | © Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger© Salzburger Sportwelt - Mike Grössinger