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Green Classrooms, the Power of Trees & well-being tracks

The "Paths through a green valley" make it exciting to get to know the nature in the valley. The two paths in Wagrain and in Kleinarl complement each other and inform about the topic of sustainable development in Wagrain-Kleinarl.

The two informational tracks include various stations which strengthen the understanding of the environment, nature and rural areas with the help of group- and individual activities. For school classes there are useful tools to be used in these so called "Green Classrooms" can be found in the "educational backbags" provided by the tourist offices.

The tree nature trail "Power of the trees" in Kleinarl teaches you many interesting facts about our native tree species.

Enjoy the nature and experience sustainability in Wagrain-Kleinarl at the same time at the "Paths through a green valley".

Wheelchair and stroller suitable

The green path in Wagrain is broad enough for strollers and wheelchairs and the stations are barrier-free accessible. The track in Kleinarl is not barrier-free!


Interesting facts for hikers

To submit the information in the best possible way there are various information boards with interesting facts for all ages. The telescopes are fixed to the place of the respective topics of the information boards.

The information boards turn hiking and the nature exciting for kids and adults.

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For group leaders and teachers:

Here you will find the "Educational Guide" to the Green Classroom. On request, we will send you more information. Just contact us at

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Enjoy nature

during your vacation in Wagrain - Kleinarl

"Paths through a green valley" and the "Green Classrooms" are a project with the support of the Federal Government, the Land and the European Union.