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Mountain lakes in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Hiking amid mountains and lakes

From the emerald green Jägersee over the romantic Blauer See to the shining, bluish-black Tappenkarsee: The crystal-clear mountain lakes along the varied hiking routes make hiking in Wagrain-Kleinarl a special natural experience.

Discover the idyllic mountain lakes and experience unique hikes in picturesque surroundings.

You would like to see these mountain lakes? Then book your summer holidays in Wagrain-Kleinarl!

Lake Jägersee

Pure hiking experience in SalzburgerLand

The idyllic Jägersee lake is situated only 4 kilometers from Kleinarl and can easily be reached by bus or car. The emerald green, crystal clear water are a very popular starting point for day trips and walks.

Passing the rushing mountain stream, follow the well accessible circular path around Jägersee surrounded by the mountains and meadows – an extraordinary hiking experience! Afterwards, you can recharge your batteries at Gasthaus Jägersee.

„The Jägersee can be reached easily by bus or car and is a very popular hiking destination in Wagrain-Kleinarl."

Lake Tappenkarsee

The largest mountain lake in the Eastern Alps

The hike to Lake Tappenkarsee leads along Jägersee lake to the Schwabalm parking area, which can be reached either on foot or by car over a toll road. Numerous bends and turns take you up 750 meters in height through the fascinating landscape.

After two and a half hours, you will be rewarded with a majestic view of the largest mountain lake of the Eastern Alps, embedded in steep rock faces. Enjoy the unique atmosphere to the fullest on the Tappenkarseehütte or the Tappenkarseealm.

hiking to the mountain lake | © Eduardo Gellner© Eduardo Gellner
Blue Lake

At the Ennskraxn

The smallest of the Wagrain-Kleinarl mountain lakes is located just below the Ennskraxn, Kleinarl’s local mountain. Surrounded by rock faces, the lake got its name from the deep blue colors of its shimmering water.

It is not necessarily the size that makes this mountain lake attractive, but rather its special location and the uniqueness of the surrounding landscape. Apart from stamina, the ascent of the Ennskraxn requires mountain experience and sure-footedness, the ascent from Kleinarl is approx. 5 hours.

holiday at the tarn wagrain blauer see lake | © Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus© Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus
Lake Daarmoossee & LAke Niederbergsee

Hiking destination for all generations

Lake Daarmoos and Lake Niederberg are located in the Weberlandl area, close to the mid station of the “Roter 8er” cable car in Wagrain. Only few minutes away from WAGRAINi’S Winterwelt, the lakes are also a great hiking destination for all generations in summer.

In close vicinity to Lake Daarmoos, you can explore the farm museum and relax on the wonderful sun terrace of the Edelweiss-Alm.

Lake Daarmoossee in Wagrain-Kleinarl | © Snow Space Salzburg - Martin Stifter© Snow Space Salzburg - Martin Stifter
Lake Rupertisee

A view to the mountain panorama

On a sporting trip to Lake Ruperti, plunge your feet in the pleasant water of the artificially created reservoir lake. Enjoy the scenic mountain panorama of the Radstadt and High Tauern – pure holiday feeling in Wagrain-Kleinarl.

holidays at the tarn wagrain | © Coen Weesjes© Coen Weesjes
Lake Grafenbergsee

Fun and games by the water

The Grafenbergsee lake at 1,700 meters above sea level is an attractive hiking destination especially for families due to WAGRAINi’s world of adventure, which is very popular with children. Around the lake, many exciting attractions are waiting to be explored.

On the stroller-friendly paths, a walk around the lake is possible; a diverse entertainment program with fun and games by and around the water is waiting for the whole family.

Family takes the small boat the the Grafenbergsee in Wagrain | © Snow Space Salzburg - Christian Schartner© Snow Space Salzburg - Christian Schartner