wunschlinde tree tradition christmas | © Leon Grimaldi© Leon Grimaldi
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Christmas time


A very special magic surrounds the holiday region Wagrain-Kleinarl in December. The Silent Night Program puts you and your loved ones in a pre-Christmas mood with the ideal mix of winter romance and originality. The Silent Night events are dedicated to the memory of Joseph Mohr, the native poet of the the world's most famous Chrstimas song.

Experience the winter holiday in Wagrain-Kleinarl and feel the peaceful athmosphere at the Christmas markets and events.


Winter holidays in Advent season

Contemplation and winter sports in Wagrain-Kleinarl

On winter holidays in Advent season, you can enjoy the benefits of pre-season in Wagrain-Kleinarl: The slopes at Austria’s largest connected skiing area  are not as packed and the appealing Advent packages also help you save money.


At night, keep yourself warm with a hot Glühwein on the Advent market and try culinary Christmas delicacies from SalzburgerLand, while local exhibitors impress you with their artful wooden carvings. Maybe you will also find one or two Christmas presents for your loved ones at home.

Advent season in Wagrain-Kleinarl



Peaceful Advent season in Wagrain-Kleinarl

In Christmas time, the Wagrain-Kleinarl holiday paradise is peaceful and full of atmosphere. In your winter vacation in Advent season, you will get the opportunity to learn about and participate in old customs. Let our cultural events and the “Silent Night” Advent program put you in a Christmassy mood and enjoy your skiing vacation in the unique atmosphere of the snow-covered SalzburgerLand.

Joseph Mohr

Vicar of Wagrain and composer of “Silent Night”

There may be hardly a Christmas song rooted as deeply in the public mind as “Silent Night, Holy Night”. Joseph Mohr, born in 1792 in Salzburg, wrote this poem in 1816 and had Franz Xaver Gruber add the melody that made it the distinctive Christmas carol that has ever since been a part of every Christmas celebration.


In 1837, Joseph Mohr came to Wagrain. As vicar of the community, he henceforth took care of those in need in the Wagrain-Kleinarl region and also had an elementary school built. Mohr died in 1848 in Wagrain, where he is also buried.

"Joseph Mohr, author of the probably most well-known Christmas carol in the world, used to be a vicar and supporter of those in need in Wagrain."

In memoriam

In honor of Joseph Mohr in Wagrain

  • “Silent Night” - elementary school children sing Christmas carols
  • “Silent Night”-Advent caroling
  • Traditional Joseph Mohr Memorial Singing
Magic sight

The Wagrain Wishing Lime tree on the town square

On the town square of Wagrain, you can deposit your wishes for the world, the Christ Child or your fellow human beings during Christmas time. The town square, in the center of which the Wishing Lime Tree can be found, is bathed in red light in Advent season. The color red stands for life. The linden represents wishes, hope and goals.

The red color unites the individual wishes, represented by colorful balls, to a big whole: Community in wishing.

The traditional “Silent Night” Advent market in Wagrain will put you into peaceful Advent mood during the quiet time of the year, with carefully made handicrafts, home-made delicacies, culinary samples and fragrant warmers.

wunschlinde tree tradition christmas | © Leon Grimaldi© Leon Grimaldi

for your advent-holiday in Wagrain-Kleinarl