Nudist sauna "Innergebirg"

Wellness & relaxation at its best

Our naturist sauna is open for you during the winter season (December to April).

Are you looking for relaxation? Then you'll really get your money's worth with us! Here you will find relaxation and well-being at the highest level.

Relax with guided sauna infusions in our two saunas
Ennskraxn (tent sauna on the roof approx. 90°C) and
Grafenberg (Finnish sauna with automatic infusion system approx. 85°C)

or treat yourself to various exfoliation ceremonies in our steam baths
Sonntagskogel (herbal steam bath approx. 45°C) and
Mooskopf (brine steam bath approx. 45°C)

Strengthen your immune system with a cold water shower and then relax on our infrared floating loungers or get some fresh air on our fresh air terrace.

Nudist sauna (surcharge)