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WLAN & Smart Ski Goggles 

Free Internet in Wagrain-Kleinarl

With over 400 hotspots, the free Wi-Fi of Ski amadé is now available almost across the whole area. All guests can use it with their own smartphones and tablets to check emails, surf the web, or impress the people at home with unique status updates. The best reception can usually be found at lift stations and huts, close to the hotspots.

While skiing in Wagrain-Kleinarl, you can use the Ski amadé Wi-Fi network completely straightforwardly and without password – the most comprehensive and largest of its kind.

5 steps to Wi-Fi access
  • Activate Wi-Fi on your mobile device
  • Open web browser
  • Under “Internet access“, log in to the free Wi-Fi home page
  • Accept terms of use
  • Surf the free web of Ski amadé
Smart Ski Goggles with GPS

Visual information source for a unique skiing experience

Ski amadé is the first skiing area to bring the most important information about surroundings directly to your ski goggles. Together with Evolaris, an app was developed that feeds the key data into your Smart Ski Goggles. POIs (points of interest), weather information, piste and lift conditions, as well as safety instructions are transferred directly into the goggles through the app. This information is then shown to the user in the goggles’ right lower field of vision.

Through the security settings, the Smart Ski Goggles can be configured, e.g. to turn off automatically at a certain speed in order not to distract the skier.

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On the move with the innovative Smart Ski Goggles

The minicomputer developed by Recon with integrated Wi-Fi connector and GPS can be integrated in certain models of ski goggles from various brands. Via USB, the data from the “Ski amadé Guide” app is loaded onto the goggles.

The Smart Ski Goggles are operated with a small remote control on the wrist. The distance to the next hut or lift station is also displayed in offline mode; as soon as the goggles are connected to Wi-Fi, current weather information as well as lift and piste conditions are displayed as well. Another useful and appealing property for all users is the information about speed and calorie consumption during skiing.

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See what the first regional Smart Ski Goggles can do

  • Determining the distance to and direction of all relevant points of interest in your surroundings (lifts, huts, photo points, …)
  • Calorie counter
  • Current lift and piste conditions
  • Current weather information and forecast
  • Webcams

The Smart Ski Goggles are available for hire at all 25 INTERSPORT Rent stores in Austria’s largest ski adventure Ski amadé.The Smart Ski Goggles are available at the Intersport Wagrain-Kleinarl as well. For only € 19.- per day, you will gain unique insights, data and information about your ski day at holiday paradise Wagrain-Kleinarl.