Karl Heinrich Waggerl Haus in the Kirchboden section of Wagrain-Kleinarl

Where author Karl Heinrich Waggerl was active

Karl Heinrich Waggerl is one of the most important Austrian poets and writers. It was in Wagrain that Waggerl wrote his literary works, his former home now the site of the Waggerl Haus.

Karl Heinrich Waggerl Museum in Wagrain

Lyrical writer Karl Heinrich Waggerl was born in Bad Gastein. In1920, he accepted a teaching position in Wagrain. A chronic lung complaint ended this activity, however, after which Waggerl dedicated himself to writing. In the beginning he wrote novels, and then later turned to shorter prose forms. Until his death in 1973, K. H. Waggerl lived in Wagrain, SalzburgerLand. The house where he once lived and worked is now home to the Waggerl Haus.

Offers for tour groups at the Waggerl Haus
  • Guided Culture Walk
  • Waggerl readings
  • Family folk music performed to accompany readings (in winter only)
Schreibzimmer von Karl Heinrich Waggerl im Waggerlhaus

The "Blaues Fenster" cultural society, in cooperation with the village of Wagrain, introduces you to the life and works of author Karl Heinrich Waggerl by means of audio stations and a video film. At the Waggerl Haus, you can also tour exhibition rooms that have been preserved in their original condition.

Schlafzimmer von Karl-Heinrich Waggerl

Karl Heinrich Waggerl’s works captivate with their simplicity of narrative style, a profound sense of humor and kind-hearted thoughtfulness. His personal experiences in the Wagrain-Kleinarl region are clearly evident in his novels and stories. The extent to which Waggerl’s stories were also socio-politically important, is something you can judge for yourself as you roam through the Waggerl Haus.

K. H. Waggerl – famous novels, stories and tales
  • Novels: Brot (1930), Schweres Blut (1931), Das Jahr des Herrn (1934), Mütter (1935)
  • Lyricism: Heiteres Herbarium (1950)
  • Stories: Das Wiesenbuch (1934), Fröhliche Armut (1948), Und es begab sich... (1953) (including legendary Christmas tales "Worüber das Christkind lächeln musste" and "Warum der schwarze König Melchior so froh wurde")
  • Miscellaneous: Wagrainer Tagebuch (1936), Alles Wahre ist einfach (1979), Frauenmantel (photographs, 1993)
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